The Porter-Cable FCN200 Flooring Nailer: An Expert Review

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This is a great must have tool for DIY wood floors. While every company that's in the tool business seems to make a nailer (Senco, Bostitch, etc.), what sets the Porter-Cable apart is it's balance and civilized look. The look doesn't matter, but if you don't want to mar the wood floors by having a tool keel over and damage the floor, then this is the tool to get.

The "last nail" comment is a very true. If you try to drive that single last nail, unpredictable results may occur. In my case, I had to throw the piece away (actually cut it for the closet), since the last nail went in almpst parallel to the surface of the wood and skimmed the finish off the top. If the wood hadn't been there, it probably would have shot across the room.

Finally, although the pneumatic nailers save you from backbreaking hammering, the nose takes more than just a light tap. A slightly sharp wack will drive the nails perfectly. Too soft and the nails don't get driven all the way. Too hard, and I'd be afraid that the tool would get damaged.

One more item to note is that depending on the hardness of the wood flooring, you will have to adjust the air pressure to prevent cracked tongues. This isn't a FCN200 issue, but just generally true overall.

Highly recommended.

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Review Update:

After 4 years or so, the tool is still as good as the first day I bought it. My initial personal project was about 800-1000 sf. I'm now past 2500 sf (helped two friends install their floors in family/living rooms) installed and another 1500 sf or so more to go for my own house.

This is a professional tool and the quality shows. I haven't had to have it rebuilt or order parts. Clean it ocassionally and use oil and an air filter and forget about it.

Review Update 2:

Still going strong after 7 years now. In fact, I had some floor professionally installed (about 2,000 sf) and the Ramm (something or other) that the installers were using broke on them. They ended up using my nailer for the last 1,500 sf. The installers commented that they liked the FCN200 nailer better.

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Power: the Porter Cable FCN200 is a Pneumatic Flooring Cleat Nailer, that uses a compressor to provide air at approximately 70-100 psi. This floor nailer comes preassembled with an angled air hose nipple that I really appreciate. It does not interfere during installation. The actual pressure setting for a pneumatic nailer can vary for a number of reasons, so make sure that you experiment a little before hand. Nails: The FCN200 uses "L" shaped flooring cleats, 1 1/2" -2" in length. This gives you a great amount of flexibility because standard 3/4" thick solid hardwood flooring requires a 2" cleat for secure installation, versus its thinner engineered cousin that only needs a 1 1/2" floor cleat to meet the typically installation guidelines. The Porter Cable design allows you to get away with purchasing one flooring nailer. Floors of various thicknesses are then easily accommodated. Weight: 13 lbs, aluminum body. Design: the Porter Cable Nailer is designed to be balanced. In other words it's center of gravity is low to the floor to allow it to stand independently without falling over. This may sound kind of irrelevant until you have used other tools that seem to be constantly tipping and leaving dents in your new hardwood. That gets a little frustrating and expensive to say the least. They have also shortened the hammer head to allow the machine to get closer to the wall when installing the starting rows..... and one last feature I like is the long upright handle... saves the back a little